I am honored to have served as a music educator for forty years; indeed, teaching continues to be a precious element in my life. Should you be interested in learning about woodworking, I offer both a one-session introductory lesson to woodworking (Morning in the Studio), and options for continuing lessons. I also offer woodworking consulting services, such as developing skills to set up and use specific tools.

Morning in the Studio

Many have never experienced the joy of making something from wood. Morning in the Studio is an interactive experience of teaching and learning, offering an opportunity for participants to build a custom charcuterie board, beginning to finished, in one setting, 

project Schedule

8:00 - 1:00

8:00 AM -  Arrive at the studio
  • A discussion of shop safety, lumber, and tools to be used.
  • Choose lumbers.
  • Cut the lumber to proper size, plane edges, glue and clamp to rough shape.

10:00 AM - Time for coffee and treats in our kitchen! (The glue is drying . . . )

11:00 AM - Back to the studio 
  • Profiling, sanding, and oiling.

1:00 PM - On your way, with a new charcuterie board in hand!

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Private Lessons

• Woodworking Basics
• Hand Tools vs. Power Tools
• Understanding Sandpaper
• Keeping Your Tools Accurate
• What to Know Before Beginning ANY Project

Sample Topics

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Lessons are beneficial at any point in one's woodworking journey. I teach both introductory and advanced skills, based on what you are looking for. When you reach out, we will work together to create a custom lesson plan.

These types of lessons take place in either my studio or at your own. Contact me set up your custom lesson.

The joy of fulfillment
that comes from
learning begins with a curious mind.

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