This is a piece that fits under a category of “wall art” or “wall sculpture.” It is a rather large piece, so requires a high wall, or perhaps a two-story open height (72W x 54H x 2.5D). Both the back plate and the squares are Pennsylvania cherry, finished in nine coats of tung oil. The eighty-eight squares have been treated with indigo dye.

Planed planks of cherry, waiting for “instructions.” 

Here, the planks have been jointed and glued. The plate is sanded to #400 grit.

The backplate and squares have been shaped, profiled, and sanded. 

Each square receives two coats of indigo dye, followed by nine coats of tung oil.

Once the tung oil work has been complete, it is time to begin to place the squares, being very precise about spacing and visual balance.

Each piece is affixed with Titebond glue, and will also be screwed from the back.

With proper lighting, the beautiful indigo dye reveals itself. 

Ready for installation!

At about 90 lbs, Earthscape is one of the heaviest wall pieces that I have installed, so the use of a French cleat was essential for security.

This piece was a joy to design and build, and will hopefully provide many years of joyful experience!

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