Hallway Closet Doors

Sometimes, there is really nothing wrong with a piece of furniture, other than that it has no artistic appeal. It may be in excellent condition, “do” what it is supposed to “do,” and likely to last a long, long, time. Such was the case with the doors on a hallway closet in our home. Because our kitchen cabinets included frame-and-panel doors, made from quarter-sawn white oak, I decided to retain that theme for the closet doors.

After planing, cutting the parts to size, and routing the dadoes and mortises, it is time to lay out the pieces for a dry-fit.

Time for glue-up! One of the nice things about making frame-and-panel doors is that the glue-up is straight forward – just two clamps and a triple-check that everything is square.

Repeat three more times, and do a final sanding. Then – on to the application of the finish and finally – installation!

New doors can add an additional “happy place” into one’s home. 🙂

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